August 14th, 2021

How To Get The Most When Selling Your Home

Thanks for wanting to learn about selling your home smoothly and getting the most you can for it with a great local agent.  Moving is a tough choice now.  When I meet with clients, one of my first questions is why do you want to sell your home?  I want to make sure we have a solid plan, and we cannot build that plan unless we have a clear goal.  I am only happy when my clients are happy with the plan and for years to come afterward.

So how can I help you Sell Your Home and accomplish your goals?  I am a Pricing Specialist and a Listing Specialist who helps an average of 24 families per year.  I will meet with you in person or over the phone.  I will then tour your home and provide suggestions that can help us get you the most money for your home.   Right now, I do not suggest that clients spend a lot of money on repairs or upgrades.  There are so few homes that buyers have learned to overlook those items.  I will compare your home to comparable homes in the area.  Then I will give you my suggested pricing plan, we can discuss fees, and the net number I expect you will walk away with.

I will also come up with a marketing plan that sets us up for success.  Along with that I hire and provide the best home photographer in Middle Tennessee.  I will work to make this as simple and easy as possible.  Our approved schedule will include a coming soon period, a showing calendar we discuss, and then a deadline for offers.  Then we will sit down and review the offers.  We will talk about all the contingencies and all the lenders and title companies that will be a part of the contract to close the process.

If you have any real estate questions do not hesitate to reach out right now.  I am here to help.Jay Goslee Realtor for Murfreesboro and Middle TN


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