October 27th, 2022

Is there really a BEST time to buy or seller Real Estate?

Aaron Lewis of Staind wrote, “It’s been AWHILEEEEEEEEEEE.”

I have been busy having my best months of the year.

I am not stopping now either. But I will be blogging more.

I also know that now is not the right time for some buyers or sellers. And when interest rates were at HISTORICALLY LOWS, that also was not the right time for some buyers or sellers because of the bidding wars and needed cash above appraised value to get a contract accepted or because it was hard to sell and find another home.

Right now we have plenty of inventory and we are seeing Sellers Paying for some of the Buyers’ Closing Costs. And the excellent properties are still going quickly.

Do you want to take advantage of that and get ready to act before the Rates Suddenly Drop and everyone is back to bidding and looking at homes??

So my question to you is –

When do you want to have a Real Estate Transaction?

Call me and let me know your answer.



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