January 10th, 2021

Why are Trusted Partners So Important?

Buying a new home or an investment property is a Major Life Event. It takes a lot of people to make it happen. A typical transaction includes a lender, home inspector, termite inspector, buyer, seller, buyer’s title company, and the seller’s title company. Not to mention, you may need roofers, plumbers, or painters to complete the sale. To further complicate the transaction, the sale may be a Domino Sale. If there is a Domino Sale, those numbers increase two to four times. A Domino Sale means one transaction ties to a second transaction and then to a third transaction.

An excellent example of a Domino Sale; A person living in Miami is moving to Nashville and has made an offer on a home. This sale is contingent on the person in Miami selling his/her house. Meanwhile, the Nashville person would like to buy a larger home in Murfreesboro. He/She makes an offer on a new home based on the sale of his/her existing home. You get the picture. One “domino” affects the entire chain.

A Realtor’s role is to help or supervise all these parties to execute the contract in the timeframe described by the agreement. Realtors deal with these situations all the time. They know what to expect, when to worry, and when to celebrate. A good Realtor also keeps track of who does what they say and who does not. But Realtors are limited. When a Realtor lists a home, we can not choose what title or lender the buyer uses. We can discuss this when an offer is received, but we cannot demand a different company.

I always have three trusted partners for my clients when they ask for a recommendation. These recommendations are my trusted partners and must consistently do great work. If I do not have three, then I do not recommend anyone.

I have seen deals go smoothly, and I have seen sales delayed. I am here to help make your next move as smooth as possible.

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