March 9th, 2022

How to apply Spiritual Principles during your Real Estate Transaction….

I have been working on myself more than usual lately and when I do that I tend to always go back to my actions.  I ask myself are my actions in God’s Will.  Then I start to think about what Spiritual Principles am I not using in my life today.  That led me to think about what Spiritual Principles can help during a Real Estate Transaction.  Here are my thoughts.


  • Acceptance
    • This one applies today in the Middle Tn Real Estate Market. We have to accept the current market before we can find solutions in it.  First, we have to accept that it is a sellers’ market now.  Also, we must accept that we need to get the financing worked out early in the process.  Then we have to accept that there is not an abundance of homes available.  We must accept that most of the homes will have multiple offers.  We must accept that we may have to submit a few or more offers before we get a contract.  Then we might have to accept that appraisers might take longer than normal, due to increase demand.
  • Trust
    • There must be Trust to accomplish any goal. You have to trust yourself and your partners in the process.  Clients have to trust agents, Buyers have to trust Sellers.  And you need to have trust in all your vendors.
  • Open-Mindedness
    • Once we get pre-approved, we need to be open-minded to different than excepted solutions. Sometimes we think we want a shiny new home, but we may have to realize that we do not have 9 months to get one built.  Sometimes we want a fixer-upper, but then we realize the cost of fixing it up will be outside our budget.  Not all ideas are perfect, but not all ideas are awful either.
  • Kindness
    • This is something that is missing all throughout our society. Just drive down the interstate and see all the aggressiveness.  Or visit the grocery and watch people act.  We need to be kind to people to a point.  I do not believe it is God’s Will for us to start at anger and just move from there.  That said kindness can not be so strong that it becomes a weakness.  But Kindness as a starting point is a good place to be.
  • Perseverance
    • This one goes hand in hand with acceptance. Timelines are important and everything possible needs to be done to hit them.  But sometimes you will not get that first dream home in the first week.  We need to take a breath and keep moving forward.  We need to continue, even when we do not want to.  Because the rewards are great.
  • Abstinence
    • Once we get preapproved, we need to do everything we can to not splurge and buy that new TV or car on credit. That can delay achieving the goal. If something is needed, we need to talk to the lender beforehand
  • Readiness
    • We need to be ready and available to tour homes or have a video call walk-through. More and more properties are getting under contract in 1 day.  I recently saw a land listing that was under contract in 1 day and sold in 3 weeks.  That is extremely quick and rare.  And we need to be ready to talk with our vendors to make sure we move through the process quickly.
  • Certainty
    • This is a hard one because there is very little certainty in real estate. We are certain when a home is on the market and for sale.  We are certain when a home is under contract.  We are certain on the terms of our offer and if accepted, we are certain in the contract.  We are not certain we are going to close under we get all the contingencies worked out and the lender gives up a clear to close.
  • Gratitude
    • Buying a new home should be fun. No matter what happens along the way we need to remember that our goal is the American Dream.  And while the lender may ask for a blood sample (I kid), we need to be grateful for the blessings and opportunities we have in front of us.


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